Mueller Tear-Light Tape 2" x 7.5 yd

Mueller Tear-Light Tape 2" x 7.5 yd


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Mueller Tearlight Tape is a hand-tearable, lightweight adhesive tape that is ideal for use as a touchline medical tape in rugby and many other sports. It is ideal in situations where the wearer doesn’t want a bulky strapping. It is used in the same way as standard elastic adhesive bandages, providing compression and support for soft tissue injuries, and for strapping over joints where functional movement needs to be maintained.

Mueller Tearlight Tape is much softer and more conformable and compressible than elastic adhesive bandages, and this makes it great for taping the feet and ankles because it will be comfortable and easy to wear inside footwear.

It is also ideal for “quick-fix” situations, for example retaining instant ice packs.

Mueller Tearlight Tape is constructed from an adhesive-backed stretch fabric tape and is manufactured without latex.

  • Find where the Mueller Tearlight tape begins, and peel the tape back until you have enough to cover the area/dressing. Mueller Tear Light tape is designed to be torn easily with the fingers, so tear and apply as needed.
  • This latex-free tape will adhere securely to skin or underwrap.
  • Its high quality manufacture means it comes off the roll smoothly and conforms to the body part that is being taped.